Ethiopia Hambela


Certified Organic, cherry, floral, lemon acidity, cocoa, berry, full smooth body.

This coffee is one of the finest coffees on the face of the Earth. Sustainably grown and washed on the Hambela farm in Ethiopia and certified Organic, this coffee offers an exciting cup of fruit and citrus that is truly exceptional.

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Region: Oromia Region, Guji Zone
Elevation: 1,900 – 2,200 m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety: Coffea Arabica, Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars
Process: Washed
Notes: Cherry, Floral, Lemon Acidity, Cocoa, Berry, Full Smooth Body

The Hambela farm and operations are certified organic. Hambela is grown and processed by community conscious, family-owned, socially responsible METAD. They’ve teamed with USAID to provide training, employ modern farming techniques, and environmental protection methods. They have also adopted a school of more than 400 in Hambela by providing uniforms, benches, tables, and supplementing teachers’ salaries.

METAD owns and operates the first state-of-the-art SCAA certified quality control lab on the African continent. Additionally they are a members of the Ethiopia Chamber of Commerce, Ethiopian Exporters Association, Ethiopian Growers Association, SCAA, SCAE, SCAJ, and AFCA.


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